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IPPG Mission Critical Web Application.

Independent Phlebotomy Provider Group L.L.C. (IPPG) specializes in mobile phlebotomy services including outpatient draws, as well as other mobile and bedside related Phlebotomy services. Employing a rotative schedule, they have more than 50 phlebotomists available for phlebotomy drawing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. IPPG services Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers as well as other medical groups and their patients in all of southern California.

IPPG sought to streamline their business processes of creating, dispatching and fulfilling phlebotomy orders placed by their clients. We took their “analog” ordering system (fax on paper) which was then manually entered into a proprietary Access database driven on-site application to the cloud. Their entire order life-cycle is now handled via this web-based application developed expressly for IPPG.

We further enhanced their field technicians usability by integrating Google Maps for optimizing their staff’s routes. From order origination to EDI billing, this mission critical web application does it all.

Frontend, Application Design and Project Management: Tyler Barnes // Elev8
Backend: Karl Goltz, Blancomedia