Core to the Core.

1.) act with an open mind and adventure

The more you know, the more you realize what you don’t know. The key element here is to act with an open mind. This is a two-way street and our clients are required to do the same. Open minds allow for innovation. Closed minds stifle progress. Often times and open mind leads to adventure, which ultimately leads to reward.

2.) be agile, adaptive and embrace change

Agility is the key to navigate today’s market. What seemed like a “great idea” last month (or yesterday) might not be today (or tomorrow), so the ability to be ready for change is the key to success. Detach yourself from “your big idea” and embrace the unlimited possibilities of endless change.

3.) Compare adjacent alternatives

Huh? Yeah, this seems so simple doesn’t it. This is the “what if” question route. What if we had a talking lizard as our mascot? What if we had a docking station and app in the car that provided diagnostics on the engine? What if we just promoted taking the stairs instead of the elevator to improve employee health?

4.) Communicate openly and honestly

Without open, honest communication we are headed for divorce. Sure, that fresh relationship seems to be so “wonderful” but let’s get onto the golden year’s of communication and understanding. And yes, it is about the relationship, not the glamor.

5.) Do more with less

The “less is more” phrase was adopted by architect Mies van der Rohe as a precept for minimalist design during the Bauhaus movement. And even today, 80 years after the modern architecture movement, this phrase rings true. In an era where we are constantly bombarded by information, the simplest solution is the most effective.

6.) Deliver on time

Straight forward, no nonsense. A fire hose does no good once the house is burned to the ground. The same holds true for services we deliver. We know that timing is everything, and we do our best to deliver ahead of schedule.