What’s in your pocket?.

With each passing year, like the web before it, mobile is becoming more indispensable in our daily lives and certainly, more and more crucial to the way we do business. Lets face it, we are social creatures and are using digital media to interact with both brands and each other. As the web continues to evolve, technology and tactics change, however, PEOPLE and STRATEGY always come first.  A strategic methodology for satisfying both is our objective.

Mobile is about People, not devices

Its not about iPad or Android; its about getting the brand in front of the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

Mobile is Social

Marketing is all about conversations! Mobile devices are becoming the primary means of accessing and sharing digital information. We understand the symbiotic relationship and create successful mobile programs and user experiences.

Mobile is Ambient

Smartphones and tablets are fun but mobile offers so much more! Interactive signage, augmented reality, Bluetooth, near field communications, and surface technologies all offer a role to play in your brand’s ability to connect with consumers.

So don’t get too preoccupied with the platforms. Be preoccupied with the CONTENT. The platform is just the delivery system. Understanding these technologies and tools are important, of course, but its not the focal point: Creating great experiences for your customers is the strategy in a nutshell, nothing more.